How well do you know your candidates?

What do you need to know as a company about the different types of candidates in order to improve your recruitment strategy? At our Sherpass team, defining behavioral archetypes helps us to structure and understand the candidate pool. After all, by segmenting patterns of user behavior into archetypes, we can better comprehend different approaches and priorities to address problem areas in the job search.

Determining the candidate categories on 2 main axes

Candidate drivers
Candidate experience

The Architypes overview

The Insecure Optimist

They have certain expectations when it comes to an employer in which they don’t compromise and willing to wait for the right opportunity to cross their path. They want to be proud of the company they work for and strive to create an environment where they get to learn and grow their skills. But standing up for their principles does not make the job hunt any easier.

“I would like to receive feedback that helps me understanding my position and supports me moving forward, even if I don’t get hired for the job.”

The Insecure Optimists’ job hunting journey

The Disoriented Compromiser

Even though they have a north star goal in mind, when they face reality compromises are being made. They don’t have a clear view on what the future will bring or what they would like to achieve. Therefore, they usually jump head first when a new opportunity presents itself and take every chance they can get.

“My lack of experience and understanding of my position in the market forces me to go broad, making it harder to find that perfect match.”

The Disoriented Compromisers’ job hunting journey

The Cautious Idealist

Before changing job, they make sure to take the right decision by analysing their current position and consulting others. They take their time and use their network to get connected to companies and opportunities that fit with their lifestyle. They are mostly influenced by opinions of their close circle and listen to their recommendations and advise.

“After going through the application process I ask myself if this opportunity is truly something that would be a good match for me.”

The Cautious Idealists’ job hunting journey

The Relentless Maximiser

Being fully aware about what they want in their career makes them very confident in their job-hunting process. They understand when it’s time to look for a new challenge and target specifically the next big thing that triggers their interest. Within their career and future vision they’re consciously and continuously looking for opportunities to enhance their lifestyle.

“ I start to look for something new from the moment I feel there are limited opportunities for me to grow.”

The Relentless Maximisers’ job hunting journey

We should never assume that people experience the world in the same way we do.

By involving potential users and stakeholders in the creation of our solutions, we understand their behavior, attitudes and needs. Detecting a tension between what people say and what people do is crucial. In order to achieve this, we closely observe the participants and their context. Finally, we use our creativity to devise stimuli and collaborative sessions that allow them to open up and reveal real behaviors and latent needs.

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