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The war for talent is on. As a company, you’re probably in full search of the one. And so is your future candidate, who is more than ever shopping around before making a final decision on where to work. So, how do you stand out in the most efficient way?

Creating speed by focusing on available resumes is one thing. Shifting your focus from talents’ written experiences to the ones yet to be made is quite another.

Recruiting is a two-sided story

In short: finding a candidate is like finding a new partner. It’s about getting to know each other. Thanks to your access to the correct data and our AI engine support, you will find your ultimate match significantly faster. Now, let’s do the maths: your available time for screening and interviewing suitable candidates will dramatically increase. And that’s what recruitment is ultimately all about, right?

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You don’t have to take our word for it.

Laura Pornel
“All the information needed for a good follow-up of candidates and opportunities is collected in one place”

Sherpass Manager operates very intuitively for me: you immediately find your way around and all the information needed for a good follow-up of candidates and opportunities is collected in one place. This boosts the collaboration between HR and Sales. My favourite feature? The drag & drop concept in our recruitment dashboard. It’s so nice to see candidates visually progressing!

Laura Pornel , HR Business Partner at Tobania
Evelien Peeters
“User-friendly, well-organised and detail-oriented!”

Sherpass Manager is very user-friendly as you get a nice overview of your candidates and can follow up everything (from telephone screening to contract signing) easily. In short, I would describe Sherpass Manager as follows: user-friendly, well-organised and detail-oriented!

Evelien Peeters , Recruiter at Tobania
Killy-Bo Blair
“With Sherpass Manager you can retrieve what you need very rapidly.”

With Sherpass Manager you can retrieve what you need very rapidly. Think of the status of a candidate and opportunity or contract specifications for example. By means of dashboards, you always have a good overview of the overall picture. Do we notice some points of improvement? Well, if so, they are listened to immediately.

Killy-Bo Blair , Business Manager at Tobania

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