Add Sherpass ID

To discover talent's skills, ambitions & values

Sherpass ID is your talent’s digital, intelligent, and enhanced version of a traditional CV. The talent-centric tool has been enriched with features to gain a deeper insight into the values, ambition, and wishes of your candidates & employees. They can indicate their interest in open positions with a few simple swipes and effortlessly contact you.

4 reasons to introduce Sherpass ID to your talent


Your company values and culture matter

When your talent uses Sherpass ID, they can perform multiple ambition and value tests.

In short: Sherpass ID focuses on combining strengths, ambitions and values with skills requested in your job offers.


Your talents’ skills are used well

What do a candidate’s skills state on a CV? And are they still up-to-date?

Sherpass ID extracts a list of skills from the CV and presents them in two adjustable sliders. One to indicate the skill level, another to mark the interest level. That way, you can identify which skills your talent masters and wants to master the most, and which are no longer relevant.


Your job offers won’t be related to past positions

People do not leave their current job to do the same in their next role. So, it’s essential to understand what the next step is for your talent.

Unlike current automated matching engines that rely solely on historical data from a CV, Sherpass ID considers your talent’s future needs to propose suitable vacancies.


Your talents won’t have to repeat themselves

Because you often only have access to historical information about your candidate (e.g. LinkedIn or CV), you might miss the right information to propose a suitable job.

By presenting all matching jobs in Sherpass ID, the candidate can indicate which are relevant or not. In this way, the adaptive profile recognises preferences and therefore allows the matching engine to suggest more relevant vacancies.