Kick-off with Sherpass Manager

Your future-proof TTS & CRM

With Sherpass Manager, our innovative Talent Tracking System (TTS) and CRM system, we solve some of your critical talent management challenges. For example, getting rid of your overflowing database full of outdated CVs that are no longer relevant. How? By integrating it directly with the Sherpass ID of your current or future employees.

6 reasons to start with Sherpass Manager


Wave goodbye to deficient talent information

Hiring the right candidates isn’t only about looking for the appropriate skills described in a CV. Getting to know the person is equally important.

Sherpass Manager delves into values and future ambitions to recruit for the long term and reduce staff turnover.


Opt for a technology-driven, but human-oriented process

Sometimes you lose valuable time contacting candidates who aren’t available for a new opportunity.

Sherpass Manager can automate the process of contacting suitable candidates, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: screening, interviewing and selecting the best profiles.


Work with an up-to-date talent database

As a recruiting company, you receive many CVs. Unfortunately, when they end up in the ATS system linked to a candidate’s profile, they lose their value. After all, their information quickly becomes dusty and outdated.

Because Sherpass Manager is automatically linked to the real-time CV of the candidate, Sherpass ID, you obtain data that can be deployed in a future-oriented way.


Save time with an integrated CRM and ATS system

Many staffing agencies struggle to keep track of their customer, opportunity and candidate data in separate systems. The outcome? They waste valuable time.

Thanks to Sherpass Manager, you can integrate sales and recruitment workflows seamlessly, resulting in high-performing teams and reliable data. Moreover, with our APIs, you’re able to easily connect to your ERP or other existing applications.


Get rid of your GDPR administrative overhead

Storing candidate information is essential for tracking recruitment information and performance. However, managing the GDPR administrative overhead can be a hassle.

Sherpass lets your candidates take control and own their data themselves.


Gain insights about your operations and pipelines with powerful reports.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop maps and boards, you’ll get access to a very user-friendly interface and an overview of your pipelines. The result? Planning your work has never been easier.

In addition, our customized reports provide the management with insight into team and business performances (e.g. recruitment funnel, staffing activities and opportunity forecasts).